Please read carefully, as any infringement of these rules will result in being asked to leave the venue immediately, with no reimbursement. NO EXCEPTIONS.

 No rods to be left unattended at any time

*Minimum of 15lb breaking strain line

*No curve long shank hooks (i.e. Mugga)

*Micro barbed hooks only

*No 360 rigs *No bent hooks

*No leaders of any type (rig tubing only)

 *Lead clips only

*No braided line (marker and spod rods only)

*Maximum 3 rods per anglers

*All fish to be removed from the water in the slings provided

*All hook holds and wounds to be treated with treatment.(a bailiff should be notified regarding large wounds or injuries before returning).

*No sacking of fish

*No nuts e.g. Tiger nuts (particles prepared by spruce lake only)

*Boilies supplied by spruce lake only (own hook baits ie, pop ups ok ) 

*Fishing from swims only

    *We ask that all of the surroundings and wildlife be respected.

    *All litter including bottle caps and cigarette ends to be put in bins and ashtrays provided.

    *Row boats for bailiff use only

    *Spruce lake will provide all landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings free of charge to prevent contamination (a €30 deposit will be required)

    *No excessive consumption of Alcohol will be TOLERATED on site ,offenders will be asked to leave immediately.

    *No Defecating around the Lake under any circumstances

    *No fires in any circumstances

    Terms & Conditions for Hire/supplied Fishing Equipment

    1. Deposit: A returnable deposit of 50 euros for all fishing equipment hire is required. (Payable on your arrival) This will be returned after appropriate checks of all equipment have been made. An appropriate sum will be deducted if any equipment is damaged.
    2. Equipment Check: Upon your arrival it is your responsibility to check all hired fishing equipment is not damaged, any damage must be reported to Mark.
    3. Responsibility: During your stay you are responsible for all of your hired/supplied fishing equipment and are expected to take all reasonable care of it, leaving it clean and tidy at the end of the hire period.